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A Veteran’s Resilience: An Unwavering Journey to Health

He served his country for almost two decades. Then, doctors from UF Health were able to return the favor. Dick’s military journey began in 1979 when he enlisted, first as a helicopter mechanic followed by completing flight school. His service was marked by long hours, unwavering dedication and the camaraderie…

The Brantleys and the story of BrAvery

With wide eyes and a cooing smile, Avery looked up as his mom and dad took turns reading from a Curious George book. Each page made the presence of Avery’s monitors and endless tubes slip further from the Brantleys’ minds. In these moments, they found stillness despite their world spiraling.

A life-saving attitude

In 1987, a doctor informed second-grade teacher Laurie Waldo that she had bone cancer. In 2006, she was told she had a malignant tumor in her right breast. In 2019, Waldo learned she had a chest wall recurrence of breast cancer following her mastectomy. That same year, she was told…