Medical Students

Learning Objectives for the 3rd Year Surgery Clerkship

  • The clerkship is designed to introduce the principles of surgery and provide opportunities for students to acquire the basic surgical skills and knowledge that will contribute to their general medical education.
  • Students should obtain a solid fund of knowledge relevant to surgical patients.
  • Students should be able to discuss the evaluation of surgical patients and formulate an appropriate differential diagnosis for the clinical presentation with possible management options.
  • Students will be provided with opportunities to prepare, observe and participate in various surgical operations throughout the duration of their rotation.

Learning Objectives for the 4th Year Surgery Sub-Internships

Learning Objectives for 4th Year Surgery Electives

Enhanced Opportunity for Gator Surgical Residency Exposure Program

A visiting elective program has been created within the Department of Surgery to increase exposure of our general surgery residency program to students from different backgrounds in medicine. The program consists of 4-week electives across our many subspecialities available for 4th year rotations. For more information please click here.

So You Want to be a Surgeon

Looking for a broad overview of how you can set up your medical education for success in surgery? The American College of Surgeons created an online version of a “little red book” that contains expanded content, including information about all the surgical specialties that admit PGY 1 residents.