At the UF College of Medicine’s division of gastrointestinal surgery, our surgeons are highly trained in their practice areas and offer exceptional, high-quality care. We invite you to learn more about our division by exploring our patient care resources.



Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric, or weight loss, surgery is an increasingly popular intervention for the management of morbid obesity. It is important to know that surgery is a “tool,” not a cure, and is to be used when other measures have been unsuccessful.

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Colorectal Surgery

UF Health colorectal surgeons are specifically trained and board certified in their field. Our colorectal surgeons perform a variety of routine and complicated surgeries to treat colon and rectal conditions, including cancers of the anus and colon.

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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Having studied at some of the most prominent medical centers in the country, UF Health surgeons are at the forefront in their field, creating minimally invasive surgical techniques and treatments that are bringing significant advances to patient care.

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Maps and Directions

We have three locations that house various outpatient practices. See below for a list of each practice, the services each provides and a link to map and directions.

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Clinical Trials

Did you know that the UF Health website received over 15,000 searches for research opportunities in 2018? By filling out the form below, you can add your study to this high-traffic website.

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