About Us

The UF department of surgery provides comprehensive surgical services in a tertiary care setting. Our surgeons offer a wide-range of minimally invasive surgeries and endovascular procedures. Supported by a team of nurses and technicians, UF surgeons average nearly 11,000 operations each year at UF Health Shands facilities in Gainesville, Florida.

Operating rooms at UF Health Shands Hospital, UF Health Shands Cancer Hospital and UF Health Heart & Vascular Hospital incorporate the latest in advanced surgical procedures and equipment. UF surgeons also perform procedures at the UF Health Florida Surgical CenterUF Health Children’s Surgical Center and the Malcom Randall Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Our Mission

The department is dedicated to achieving the following missions:

  • To provide our patients with compassionate, skilled and innovative surgical care of the highest quality.
  • To develop exemplary surgeons by educating students, residents and fellows in the humanistic, scientific and practical aspects of surgery.
  • To foster discovery in basic and translational research, and develop innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to meeting the needs of the surgical patient.
  • To promote professional and personal growth in a collaborative environment.

Multidisciplinary Approach to Patient Care

UF surgeons work closely with other faculty, including the departments of anesthesiology, medicine, pediatrics, pathology and laboratory medicine, radiology and radiation oncology, in managing cancer, cardiovascular diseases, transplantation immunology, gastrointestinal disorders and other major diseases. This team approach, which includes routine case conferences, ensures complete and coordinated care.

Surgical Specialties

UF surgeons are trained in a wide variety of surgical and therapeutic procedures. Many UF faculty are surgeons who have been fellowship trained in specific surgical areas.

Surgical specialties include: