Surgical Oncology

About Us.

The Department of Surgery’s surgical oncology faculty engage in basic science and clinical research studies of cancer prevention and experimental treatments, molecular therapy, immunology, and genomics. Our collaborative culture with other UF departments brings a wide variety of expertise and a multidisciplinary approach to research problems, acting as a bridge between our basic science and clinical research center. We have several ongoing funded research projects pioneered by our clinical faculty, including improving our understanding of the biology of pancreatic cancer aiming to discover new methods for the diagnosis and personalized treatment and implications of the microbiome in cancer development. We focus on integrating the latest research with cutting edge technologies to provide new insights to surgical options for these diseases.


Join Us.

We seek to recruit new faculty and research partners to develop exciting and impactful research programs in areas of major scientific opportunity and unmet medical need.

For working and training opportunities in our laboratories, please contact Steven Hughes.