Frederick A. Moore, M.D., FACS, MCCM

Fred Moore, MDFrederick Moore’s, M.D., FACS, MCCM, research focuses on the dysfunctional inflammatory response that occurs after trauma, called the systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS). He says, “As we have gotten better at treating people with SIRS, we seem to be left with a lot of patients who have the compensatory anti-inflammatory response syndrome (CARS) from which many never recover.” His efforts focus on trying to study CARS in ICU patients. He will work on trying to figure out how to predict who will experience CARS, and work toward developing  novel interventions that could be used to prevent it.

He is the principal investigator for an NIH-funded P50 center grant for the UF Sepsis and Critical Illness Research Center to study the persistent inflammation, immunosuppression and catabolism syndrome (PICS) following sepsis in surgical intensive care unit patients.

He also focuses on nutrition, which may play a significant role in managing these two immune responses.

“It could be that feeding the GI track with specific types of nutrients could prevent and possibly reverse (these processes),” Moore said. “It turns out that the GI track is a major player in your immune response and when you don’t feed the gut, that causes the systemic immune response to be depressed.”

Moore also studies the effects nutrition, inflammatory processes, anti-inflammatory processes and exercise may have on muscle loss that occurs with age and with lack of muscle use during serious illnesses.