Erik M Anderson

Erik M Anderson, MD

Georgetown University School Of Medicine

Business Phone: (352) 265-0916

About Erik M Anderson

Hometown: Mission Viejo, CA

Clinical and Research Interests: Clinical Interest: Vascular Surgery;

Research interest: Clinical outcomes in vascular surgery; Vascular science – inflammation, genomics, and vascular biomechanics

What were you looking for in a residency program?

When I was interviewing for residency, I wanted a program that provided excellent training while maintaining a fun and supportive environment. I wanted to match somewhere where all of the residents and attendings are close and have good relationships within a hospital system that is demonstrating growth and continuous development with updated facilities. I considered recent chief fellowship matches to evaluate the quality of academics and training provided by a program, and I looked at chief case logs to determine major volumes experienced by the senior residents. Additionally, I wanted a curriculum that offers a superior educational structure to support a high board passing rate. University of Florida met and exceeded every requirement, and I am very happy with every element of my training.

What are the strengths of the UF program?

University of Florida provides the clinical competency and surgical skills to comfortably practice general surgery immediately after residency, as well as the mentorship, resources, and support to pursue the most competitive of fellowships in any subspecialty. Similarly, the academics at UF are exceptional, providing the research experience, education, opportunities, and connections for success in any field.

The general surgery residency is a family, and the people are really what makes UF Surgery unique. The residents are close friends and are always spending time together outside of the hospital. Similarly, we have very good relationships with our attendings. They push us by allowing for autonomy and resident ownership, while providing the support and guidance when needed. Residents are very capable surgeons when they graduate from UF.

What do you like best about living in Gainesville?

I love the Gainesville community. The town is full of young professionals and has so many different types of places to live and hang out. The town comes alive for sporting events, especially for UF football (UF Surgery has its own tailgate for every home game), and has all the benefits of living near a major University. There is a lot to do outdoors (hiking, biking, boating, fishing, hunting), and so many unique spots to meet for food or drinks. Gainesville is a perfect college town to live and train.

List of hobbies/interests:

Spending time with friends, trying new restaurants/bars, going to the beach, golf, skiing, watching almost any sport, grilling

Teaching Profile

Courses Taught
PAS5020 Intro to Medicine 2


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