PGY201: AY 2016-2017

Location: M603
Day: Every Thursday
Time: 7-8 AM

Textbook: Various texts, please refer to the assigned readings in SCORE.  Look under Text Resources to find the material. Use the self-assessment section of SCORE to create topic-specific quizzes and test your knowledge!

Faculty: Kristina Giles, MD and George Sarosi, MD

Residents: Latif Bashirov, MD, Felipe Cadavid, MD, Nicky Cates, MD, Michael Cox, MD, Camille Dessaigne, MD, Sarah Gray, MD, Drew Martin, MD and Elizabeth Miller, MD

Course Description

Surgery 201 is part of the surgical core educational continuum at the University of Florida. The educational continuum will allow the learning to develop knowledge gained in medical school and earlier stages of residency. The process will encourage the learner to become increasingly independent in their analysis of the surgical literature. This course, 201, represents the first deviation away from straightforward pedagogic education. The course will not be a series of PowerPoint lectures that reiterate an assigned chapter. The series topics chosen for discussion are, in a way, the same topics that you have seen as a student and as an intern; however, the format of discussion will differ significantly. You will be assigned serveral reading assignments and a quiz every week (see schedule below). The assigned readings may come from journal articles, chapters in textbooks, perhaps even newspapers. We expect that you will read and think about these topics in detail. The sessions will concentrate on your analysis of these topics. Your course instructors will “go around the table” and ask questions of each and every one of you. At times you will also be tested with more standard question/answer sheets; at times the format will be that of an oral exam. The goal of Surgery 201 is to encourage, in fact, demand your maturation from a full-time student to a life-long learner.

Don’t miss the assigned questions listed with each reading

Supplemental Resources


Date Topic Faculty Reading Assignments
7/14/2016 Introduction Sarosi        ——-
7/21/2016  Gallstones and gallbladder disease I Sarosi
SCORE:  Patient Care/Biliary Disease
  1. Cholecystitis-Acute and Chronic
  2. Cholecystitis-Acalulous
  3. Cholecystectomy with and without cholangiography
7/28/2016 Gallstones II (in the common duct) Sarosi  SCORE:  Patient Care/Biliary Disease

  1. Choledocholithiasis
  2. Cholangitis
  3. Obstructive Jaundice
  4. Common duct exploration-laparoscopic
  5. Assigned Paper
8/18/2016  Hernia Sarosi  SCORE: Patient Care/Abdomen- Hernia

  1. Inguinal and Femoral Hernia
  2. Inguinal and Femoral Hernia Repair
  3. Prosthetic mesh infection- management
  4.  Paper: Inguinal Hernia Watchful Waiting Study
8/25/2016  Appendicitis (RLQ pain)  Sarosi  SCORE:  Patient Care/Alimentary Tract – Large Intestine

1. Appendicitis acute and chronic

2. Appendiceal neoplasms

3. Appendectomy

4.  Assigned papers


9/1/2016  Diverticulitis (LLQ pain) Sarosi Schultz JAMA
Morris JAMABarat Abdominal Radiology
 9/8/2016  Mesenteric Ischemia Giles  SCORE:  Vascular-Arterial Disease1. Chronic visceral disease

Alimentary Tract – Small Intestine 

2. Mesenteric Ischemia-Acute (Arterial, Venous, and Nonocclusive)

3. Greenfield Chapter 93 (skip “aneurysm” section)

9/22/16  Small Bowel Obstruction/ Ileus Score: Small Intestinal Obstruction. Paralytic ileus. Adhesiolysis.

  1. “A Classic on Non-Operative Mngmt” – Seror 1993
  2. ” A meta-analysis of Water Soluble contrast” – Ceresoli 2016
9/29/16 Management of Adhesive Small Bowel Obstruction Assigned Papers:

  1. “Early Operation..” – Teixeira 2013
  2. Trauma Surgery – Lombardo 2014
  3. “Adhesive Postoperative Small..” – Duron 2006
10/06/16 —- —-
10/13/16 Aneurysms

Score: Arterial aneurysms- Aortic. Infrarenal and Aortoiliac Aneurysm – Repair .Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm – Endovascular/Open Repair

Text Reading: Greenfield’s Chapter 100

10/20/16 Blunt Splenic Injury

Score: Splenectomy/ Splenorrhaphy. Splenic Injury

Assigned Papers:

  1. “… Role of Angioembolization..” – Bhullar 2012
  2. “..Risk of Delayed Rupture” – Zarzaur 2015
  3. ” A Radiologists View of…” – Ahuja 2015

11/03/16 Diaphragm and Hollow Viscus

Score: Blunt Trauma. Diaphragmatic Injury.

Assigned Papers:

  1. Am Surgeon – Lopez 2010
  2. JACS – 2014 Gonser- Hafertpen
11/10/16 Vascular Injuries

Score:  Vascular Injury- Extremities. Vascular Injury- Neck. Neck Exploration for Injury.

Assigned Reading:

  1. Surgery: Chapter 29; Vascular Trauma (skip the Thoracic and Abdominal/Aortic parts for now)
12/1/16 Penetrating Abdominal Trauma

Score: Penetrating Trauma.

Assigned Papers:

  1. “Management guidelines..” – Biffl 2010
  2. “..anterior abdominal stab wounds” – Shah 2013
12/16/16 Acute Upper GI Bleeding

Score: Gastrointestinal Bleeding- Upper. Peptic Ulcer disease with bleeding.

Assigned Papers:

  1. The New England JOF – Lau 1999
  2. The New England JOF – Laine 2016
3/30/2017  Anal Pain and Bleeding Sarosi

 Score:  Hemorrhoids.  Hemorrhoidectomy.  Anal fissure.

Assigned Papers:

  1.  The Lancet – Watson et al. 2016