Conferences and Courses


Grand Rounds

Conference Schedule

Day of the Week Conference
Mondays Breast Tumor Board
Colorectal Surgery Conference
Hepatobiliary Pancreas Case Conference
MIS/Bariatric Conference
Medical Student Suture Lab (six meetings each year)
Pediatric Surgery: Core Clinical Conference
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Conference
Surgical Oncology Clinical Research Meeting (every 6 weeks)
TCV Surgery Resident Education Meeting
Vascular Conferences
Tuesdays Breast/Melanoma/Sarcoma/Endocrine and Pre-Op Conference
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery: Pre-Op Conference
Trauma Conference (Chief Curriculum)
TCV Surgery M&M and Case Review
VA General Surgery Pre-Op Conference
Wednesdays Morbidity and Mortality*
Grand Rounds*
Skills Lab*
Thursdays GI Tumor Board
Pediatric Surgery Conference: Multiple Topics
Transplantation and Hepatobiliary Surgery Course
Trauma M&M Conference
Fridays Pancreas/Biliary Surgery Conference
Pediatric Surgery: Patient/M&M/PreOp Conference
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery: Core Curriculum Conference
Trauma Interdisciplinary Conference
Vascular Surgery: Case Conference
Woodward/GI Pre-Op conference
TCV Surgery Multidisciplinary Case Conferences

Resident Courses (mandatory for all residents):

Resident Paging

New Intern Information for AY 2015-2016