What’s the vacation schedule?

Answer: All incoming interns will receive a 3-week vacation block.  This block is assigned based on feedback you provide about your vacation preference.  Current PGY 1 – 4 residents submit vacation requests at the end of the academic year and the administrative chief resident will attempt to meet the vacation request when arranging the clinical rotation schedules. Some clinical rotations do not support vacations.

What do the residents do after training?

Answer: About 80% of our chief residents will further their training in a fellowship program (then into academic medicine or private practice). The remainder of our graduates (about 20%) go into private practice immediately following completion of their general surgery training. Please visit the “UF Surgery Graduates” link for more details.

What’s the research requirement?

Answer: This is a seven-year program with two years of training in the surgical laboratory. Only candidates who have demonstrated expertise in the art and science of making contributions to surgical literature are exempt from this requirement.

What are the research opportunities?

Answer: There are many research opportunities for residents who are interested in the clinical and basic sciences. Please visit Research for more details.

How many cases are done by a resident upon completing the residency?

Answer: Chief residents finish their training with more than enough cases to meet the training requirement set by the American Board of Surgery. Our chief residents also exceed the number of cases required by the ACGME, RRC for Surgery (our accrediting body). Please visit the “Chief Case Log” link for more details.

What kind of benefits can I expect?

Answer: Heath Insurance is provided for you and your family. You will receive a small stipend for meals. Residents who present at national and international conferences will have their travel sponsored by the Department of Surgery.  Greenfield’s Surgery text is currently being utilized in the PGY 101 Course (for interns only) and all course participants receive individual copies of the text. All PGY 2 – 5 residents will receive an iPad stocked with surgery education applications and resources.  We have childcare services on the Health Science Center campus and a resident lounge that provides free soft drinks and light snacks.  A well-equipped, but small work-out room is open 24 hours a day for workouts that fit your schedule.

How much will I make?

Answer: The annual salary for starting interns on July 2014 is $49,052.

What is the social life like in Gainesville?

Answer: Although Gainesville is considered a small town by most, it’s BIG in arts, culture, spectator sporting events, outdoor activities (biking, fishing, natural springs, festivals, etc), social/intramural clubs and many other special interest activities. The University of Florida, with its 24 diverse colleges, provides limitless possibilities for innovative, multidisciplinary collaborations. Gainesville is conveniently located about 2 hours from Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee.