Transplant Surgical Fellowship

photo of vascular surgery faculty and fellows

The University of Florida Division of Transplantation Surgery offers a two-year ASTS accredited multiorgan transplant fellowship along with training in hepatobiliary surgery that conforms to the International Hepatopancreatobiliary Association guidelines. The division performs between 90-115 liver transplants per year, including both pediatric cases and live donor procedures. Many of the pediatric cases are performed on very small children (under 10 kg) with our smallest successful child transplanted at 2 kg. In addition, we perform 130-150 kidney transplants per year, including both laparoscopic and robotic live donor nephrectomy along with 20 pancreas transplants per year.

The division also has a very active HPB surgery component, performing approximately 150 liver resections per year, of which approximately 10% are done laparoscopically. 25- 40 pancreatic cases and a similar number of complex bile duct cases are performed along with occasional portal decompressive procedures. The combination of transplantation techniques along with HPB surgery has resulted in an experience for the fellow in vascular reconstruction techniques during non-transplant hepatic surgery, that includes extremely complex cases including portal vein, hepatic vein and caval reconstruction along with in situ cold perfusion and ex vivo liver surgery.

To date, there is no accrediting body for HPB surgery fellowships, however, our fellowship follows the guidelines endorsed by the IHPBA and its North American chapter, AHPBA. We do not offer an isolated HPB surgery fellowship since we feel that liver transplant training is an essential component of training an HPB surgeon in all aspects of surgical liver disease.

The fellow leads a team of surgical house staff, medical students and three physician assistants in managing the transplant and hepatobiliary services. In addition to clinical activity, there is an optional participation in clinical or laboratory-based investigation available. We have traditionally taken only one fellow for each two year period, however, we have recently been approved to take on one fellow each year.

For non-US citizens, an appropriate VISA is required.

The fellowship participates in the ASTS abdominal transplant surgery match, information can be found at To apply, send a letter of intent, a copy of your current curriculum vitae and three letters of recommendation. One letter should be from your program director and two letters from surgeons who can attest to your technical ability in the operating room. Application letters and inquiries can be directed to:

Division of Transplantation Surgery
Department of Surgery, University of Florida
PO Box 100118
Gainesville, FL, 32610-0118
352.265.0606  Fax 352.265.0678