Housestaff Benefits

The University of Florida offers a competitive housestaff benefits program.

2023-2024 Housestaff Stipends

Level Annual Salary Bi-Weekly Rate
1 $61,548.00 $2,358.16
2 $63,607.00 $2,437.05
3 $65,789.00 $2,520.65
4 $68,452.00 $2,622.68
5 $71,307.00 $2,732.07
6 $74,264.00 $2,845.36
7+ $77,043.00 $2,951.84

Health Insurance

All housestaff employees, appointed at 0.50 FTE and higher, are provided GatorCare health insurance (for themselves and spouse/domestic partner and children up to age 26). These plans are provided at no bi-weekly cost to the employee, as the premiums are employer-paid. Coverage begins on the employee’s date of hire. For more details, please see COM Housestaff Benefit Eligibility.

Life Insurance

All housestaff employees appointed at 0.50 FTE and higher are provided life insurance at no bi-weekly cost to the employee.

Disability Insurance

All housestaff employees appointed at 0.75 FTE and higher are provided long term disability insurance at no bi-weekly cost to the employee.  Residents can elect to add short-term disability insurance for a bi-weekly premium.

Supplemental Insurance Plans

Both the University of Florida and the State of Florida offer supplemental insurance plans to benefit-eligible employees. For new hires, supplemental plans offered through the University’s “UF Select” program begin on the date of hire. Whereas, supplemental plans offered through the State of Florida typically begin two months after the date of hire. Both programs allow for changes during the annual Open Enrollment period. Bi-weekly premiums are employee-paid.


Housestaff (appointed at any FTE level) participate in a mandatory FICA Alternative Plan (401(a) account). Participants are required to make a 7.5% pre-tax contribution to this account. However, these contributions are in substitute for the 6.2% post-tax Social Security (FICA) taxes that other employee groups are required to pay. Further optional contributions may be made into both the 403(b) and the 457 plans. (Contribution limits apply).


Housestaff are provided 15 vacation and 10 sick leave days each year. For more information about leave please see the following site – Housestaff Leave Policy


While malpractice insurance is provided to housestaff members, it is not included in the benefits package. Rather, it is administered by the Self-Insurance Program. For more information, please refer to the following links –

Gym & Workout Facilities

Housestaff have access to a private gym located in the North Tower of Shands at no cost to the resident. Residents may also elect to join the Shands Gym at the South Tower Shands location or UF Health Fitness and Wellness Center at the UF Health Shands Cancer Hospital for a small fee (as little as $10/month).  Some UF recreational facilities are also available to all Gator1 ID card holders, including pools and tennis courts.

Support for Partners and Spouses

The University of Florida welcomes your whole family to residency.  The University of Florida’s Dual Career Services Program assists with dual career placement both on campus and locally.  Some residents’ significant others choose to build a social network here in Gainesville through the Junior Medical Guild or Side by Side Gainesville.  Our program also hosts regular family-friendly social gatherings to help residents, faculty, and their families all get to know one another!