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Department of surgery welcomes new faculty members

The University of Florida’s department of surgery welcomes six new faculty members this fall to the acute care surgery team, and to the divisions of general surgery, pediatric surgery and transplantation surgery. Three of the new faculty members have joined the acute care surgery team: Fitzgerald J. Casimir, M.D., as…

UF researchers find chemical signals that initiate the body’s immune response

University of Florida researchers have identified two key steps required to activate the body’s innate immune system, its first line of defense against infection. The discoveries offer insight into why some trauma patients survive their initial injuries but die from seemingly less serious causes soon afterward.

UF welcomes new chief of acute care surgery

Frederick A. Moore, M.D., has joined the University of Florida’s College of Medicine as the department of surgery’s chief of acute care surgery. Moore came to UF July 1 from The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, where he was head of the division of surgical critical care and acute care surgery…

UF vascular surgeons form statewide study group

Surgeons in the UF division of vascular surgery and endovascular therapy have created the Florida Vascular Study Group, FVSG, which fosters collaboration statewide among physicians and hospitals to collect and analyze clinical data from patients undergoing vascular procedures. Led by Adam W. Beck, M.D., an assistant professor of surgery…

A surgeon in training

As a little girl visiting the pediatrician, Makesha Miggins, M.D., was enamored with the way her doctors could help people by putting the pieces of the puzzle together. It seemed magical. Today, as a UF surgical resident, she is still captivated by the magic of medicine.

UF surgeons, particle engineers receive grants to research breast cancer treatments

University of Florida surgeon Stephen Grobmyer, M.D., and his collaborators in the department of surgery and College of Engineering have been awarded three U.S. Department of Defense Breast Cancer Concept Awards and a research foundation grant totaling nearly $600,000 to develop new ways to deliver treatment to breast cancer…