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UF researchers to test method for predicting complications in trauma patients

Published: Sep 25th, 2013

University of Florida researchers have received a four-year, $1.8 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to verify the effectiveness of a new genomic screening method that could help […]

UF Surgeons in the News – Reuters: Kidney transplants not as successful among teens

Published: Aug 21st, 2013

Teenagers who undergo a kidney transplant are more likely to have their new organ stop working within a few years than both younger and older recipients, according to a new […]

UF Surgeons in the News – Huffington Post blog: Want to Improve Medical Research?

Published: Jul 29th, 2013

UF surgical researchers co-authored the PNAS study referenced in this blog post, along with researchers from other institutions.

Assistant professor earns UF Excellence Award

Published: Jul 29th, 2013

Zhihua Jiang, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the University of Florida department of surgery’s division of vascular surgery, has received an Excellence Award for Assistant Professors from the UF provost’s […]

New UF inflammation center includes two department of surgery faculty members

Published: Jun 4th, 2013

Emina Huang, M.D., a UF colorectal surgeon and an assistant professor of surgery, and Lyle Moldawer, Ph.D., a professor of surgery and the department’s vice chair of research, are members […]

Room for improvement in mouse models, UF surgical investigators say

Published: Apr 2nd, 2013

UF researchers co-authored two recently published journal articles that may reform scientists’ use of a staple in medical research: the mouse model. One article describes a series of studies by […]

UF&Shands one of first facilities approved to use drug-coated stent for peripheral artery disease

Published: Mar 14th, 2013

UF&Shands, the University of Florida’s Academic Health Center, is one of 12 institutions nationwide initially approved to implant a new device for treatment of peripheral artery disease.

Vascular study group grows to include Georgia medical centers

Published: Oct 16th, 2012

The Florida Vascular Study Group has joined with medical centers in Georgia to become the Florida-Georgia Vascular Study Group, a regional group under the auspices of the Society for Vascular […]

Dr. Frederick Moore and Bruce McKinley, Ph.D., two of the researchers who worked on the team that put forth the concept of PICS.

Newly recognized syndrome keeps patients from full recovery, UF researchers say

Published: Jun 11th, 2012

University of Florida researchers have identified a medical condition they say keeps many intensive care, heart surgery and burn patients from recovering fully and returning home. Called persistent inflammation, immunosuppression […]

Research Day 2012

Research Day 2012

Published: May 15th, 2012

The department of surgery held its eighth annual Research Day on April 18, 2012. Ronald V. Maier, MD, the Jane and Donald D. Trunkey Professor and Vice Chair of Surgery […]