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Patient Story

Just What the Patient Ordered

Unveiled in November 2010, the Intrabeam is the newest cancer-fighting weapon in the UF Shands Cancer Center’s arsenal. Intrabeam allows doctors to deliver precise doses of radiation in the O.R. after surgery to remove a tumor, shortening what often takes weeks into one 20- or 30-minute session.

Two aneurysm repairs help man remain active

When Frank Andrews learned he had a massive aneurysm in his lower abdomen in 2003, he called his son, a physician living in California and a graduate of University of Florida’s College of Medicine. His son, Robert J. Andrews, M.D., recommended Mr. Andrews travel from his hometown…

A double success

Ralph Johnson likes to take nature walks in his hometown of Hernando, Florida. But for a long time, medical problems made it difficult for him to enjoy his usual stroll. Johnson was plagued by “aching in the legs and (being) tired, not being able to walk long…

Climbing mountains

Terry Clark has suffered from painful and unsightly varicose veins in her legs for years. She called the veins “my mess.” The source of much “discomfort and pain,” varicose veins prevented Ms. Clark from doing many of the things she enjoys. Decades ago, Clark underwent several “vein…