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Patient Story

Plastic surgeon saves little girl’s leg

In the past, severe leg injuries would lead to amputations. However, with new surgical techniques, our board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Harvey Chim, is able to change lives. Learn about these procedures and hear from one of his patients.

Extending a life with a lung transplant

Lung transplant recipient Mike Preston visits with his grandchildren. An uncontrollable cough led Tampa Bay-area resident Mike Preston to seek medical attention. Preston visited his primary care physician and specialists to find out the cause. Within five months,…

Burn survivor resumes life as an active teenager

Tyrone Crawford Jr. loves sports. Coming from an athletic family, the Tallahassee teenager played his first football game at age 6. It was a passion that would continue through his middle and high school years.

Man survives ruptured aorta, thanks to UF Health

Ralph Glaser (right) and his wife, Joan. It was a normal Sunday afternoon for Ralph and Joan Glaeser. In January 2016, the Gainesville couple were returning from church and a trip to the grocery store when Ralph, 84, began experiencing pain in his side. “I tried to get a blood…