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Match Day 2022

Join us in welcoming our new trainees! We’re excited to work with these new additions to our UF Department of Surgery.  …

UF College of Medicine 23rd in 2021 NIH funding for public universities

With a record $121 million awarded to the University of Florida College of Medicine from the National Institutes of Health in 2021, the medical school reached the top 25 in NIH funding among public universities. The rankings, published by the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research on Feb. 8, showed…

The Brantleys and the story of BrAvery

With wide eyes and a cooing smile, Avery looked up as his mom and dad took turns reading from a Curious George book. Each page made the presence of Avery’s monitors and endless tubes slip further from the Brantleys’ minds. In these moments, they found stillness despite their world spiraling.

UF Health liver transplant program outcomes reach no. 1 in nation

It’s in the organ’s name — you can’t live without a liver. For patients in need of a liver transplant — whether it be from acute or chronic liver failure, cancer, or metabolic diseases — a transplant can mean the difference between life and death.

A life-saving attitude

In 1987, a doctor informed second-grade teacher Laurie Waldo that she had bone cancer. In 2006, she was told she had a malignant tumor in her right breast. In 2019, Waldo learned she had a chest wall recurrence of breast cancer following her mastectomy. That same year, she was told…

UF Health surgical oncologists perform first HIPEC procedure

In December, surgeons at UF Health performed their first cytoreductive surgery (CRS) and heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) to treat abdominal cancer in an adult patient. The surgery was successful, and the patient has been discharged and seen in clinic during the postoperative follow up. “I’m excited our adult patients with…