Gwendolyn Gillies, MD

Name, MD/DO + any additional degrees: Gwendolyn Gillies, MD

 College/University: McGill University 

Medical School:  University of Florida College of Medicine

 Hometown: Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

 Clinical Interests: Pediatric Surgery, Surgical Oncology 

What were you looking for in a residency program? I wanted to be part of a program where I’d get excellent training, just like anyone else. What set UF apart from other programs in my mind was the people in the department, both residents and faculty. I wanted to join a program that felt like a big family that would have my back and be truly invested in helping me become the best surgeon I can be, and I found that here.​

What are the strengths of the UF program? The people are outstanding. I’ve made many close friends in residency. It makes such a big difference to like the people you work with. I also feel that I am receiving training in both clinical and basic sciences that will allow me to be successful in my future career.

 What do you like best about living in Gainesville? The cost of living is cheap and we could afford to live in a house as opposed to an apartment, which would have been the case at most other programs. Gainesville is not too big and not too small–we have an impressive food scene for a small city and lots of local activities to keep you busy when you aren’t working. Also, the weather can’t be beat. We even have our own airport for when you want to take a trip!

List of hobbies/interests: Travel, cooking, eating, volleyball, hockey