2021 Research Day Awards

Thanks to our team for participating in this year’s research day. Once again, we’re impressed by the sheer breadth of research being performed across the department, emphasizing our team’s mission of translational research and research to assess and improve outcomes. Congratulations to our award-winners below!

Moldawer Basic Science Award (Plenary)
Victoria Leroy (PI: Sharma) with:
"Resolution of post-lung transplant ischemia-reperfusion injury is mediated via Resolvin D1-ALX/FPR2 and Maresin 1-LGR6 receptor signaling"
Moldawer Basic Science Award (Quickshot)
Amanda Filiberto (PI: Upchurch) with:
"Resolution of inflammation via the FPR2 receptor pathway in abdominal aortic aneurysms"
Clinical Science Award (Plenary)
Erik Anderson (PI: Berceli) with:
"Temporal Dynamics of the Intestinal Microbiome Following Short-Term Dietary Protein Restriction"
Clinical Science Award (Quickshot)
Grace Thompson (PI: Petroze) with
"Historical trends in Pediatric post-operative opioid prescribing practices"