Chief Resident Profile: Robert E. Lee Browning IV, M.D.

BrowningBrowning is from Arcadia, Florida, where he grew up in a cattle ranch. He attended college at the University of Central Florida and majored in biology, then went on to medical school at Vanderbilt University. He and his wife, Krista, have a daughter, Madelyn.

Q: What drew you to UF for residency?
A: I was looking for a place that has a good clinical program, and this was the place.  On my interview I met a lot of residents and they just seemed to get along so well.  I felt like I belonged here.

Q: What has stood out to you about the surgical residency program here?
A: The camaraderie between the members of the faculty and the residents, and between the residents themselves. I think this is what makes UF a great place to learn and work.

Q: Which individual(s) has/have been most influential in your time at UF and why?
A: This is hard to say. I think most of the faculty have influenced me in some way or another.  I have learned so much over my time here.

Q: In what type of surgery do you plan to specialize?
A: I will be doing private practice general surgery and trauma in Ocala.

Q: What motivated you to pick that specialization?
A: I picked this route because I wanted to have the broadest possible practice. I enjoy doing something different every day. I look at Drs. McDonald, Zingarelli, and Lottenberg and hope one day I can have a practice and career close to what they have. They have helped guide me to my field of choice.

Q: Do you plan to complete a fellowship?|
A: No

Q: Please briefly describe some of the things you’ve learned or challenges you’ve faced during residency and how you overcame them. What role (if any) did others involved in the residency program (peers, attending physicians or UF faculty) play in helping you through these scenarios?
A: I have learned a lot, but the key points are:
Always do what is right, no matter the consequences.
Have fun at what you are doing or do something else.
Friends and family are the most important things.