Breast surgeon joins UF department of surgery

Lisa Spiguel, M.D.Lisa R.P. Spiguel, M.D., has joined the University of Florida department of surgery as an assistant professor in the division of general surgery’s surgical oncology service.

Spiguel’s clinical focus is on the surgical care of breast cancer and benign breast disease, the assessment of high risk breast cancer patients, as well as overall breast health. She offers the full spectrum of surgical breast care, including breast-conservation surgery, nipple- and skin-sparing mastectomies, modified radical mastectomies, as well as axillary surgery. She uses an oncoplastic technique to rearrange breast tissue for a natural form after breast conservation surgery.

Prior to joining UF, she completed the Lynn Sage Breast Surgery Fellowship at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Prior to her fellowship, Spiguel trained in general surgery at the University of Chicago Medical Center and earned her medical degree at Wayne State University in Detroit.

Her research interests focus on clinical outcomes for breast cancer treatment to promote advances in surgical care. Her previous research has focused on nipple-sparing mastectomy procedures and defining oncologic safety and surgical techniques to optimize results, as well as the role axillary node dissection in patients with limited axillary disease undergoing breast conservation surgery.

Spiguel is board certified by the American Board of Surgery, and a candidate member of the American Society of Breast Surgeons and Society of Surgical Oncology.